D & D can install, service, and maintain any system we sell, from compressed air packages to motor & control changes, vacuum systems, or any of your electrical apparatus equipment. We take pride in our work and promise to provide our customers with consistently reliable, quality service by utilizing the latest technology available in the industry today. This ensures that our customer’s equipment runs in peak condition while minimizing downtime for minor and major maintenance or repairs.

Time is money, and no one knows that better than D & D. Our preventative and predictive maintenance programs, turnkey installation, and on-site/in-field service are standard services that D & D provides on a daily basis to keep your machinery running like clockwork.

New! PMPP: Preventative Maintenance Plant Programs

D&D's new PMPP program takes care of your entire plant maintenance, so you can focus more on growing your business. This proactive program covers entire plant maintenance, such as electric motors, compressed air and vacuum pumps systems, electrical controls / panels, transformers, machinery, troubleshooting, installations, dust collection, PM services, and so much more.

D&D's comprehensive PMPP program begins with a complete plant audit of all equipment and machines you choose to cover. D&D's skilled technicians will compile a comprehensive report on each machine and outline all necessary repairs needed, including safety defects, pneumatic leaks, lubrication recommendations, bearing failures, and much more. Once we have completed our report, we will sit down and discuss necessary repairs and outline a repair schedule.

Next, we will catalog a data base for each piece of equipment, including a detailed list of the manufacturer's information, including model number, serial number, parts, and more ( technical support and manuals are requested). By archiving all of your information, we can easily access and locate parts for you quickly, saving you from excessive and costly down time. In most cases, we can have the part to you without needing to send a technician out in the field.

To prevent unnecessary downtime, we will consult with each covered equipment's manufacturer on daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance requirements.

This all-inclusive program also provides our customer with a reduced labor and materials rates and includes all of our services at that rate for the year, including:

   •  Troubleshooting
   •  Welding Services
   •  PM Services
   •  Vibration Analysis
   •  Laser Alignment
   •  Thermophotography
   •  In Field / On Site
   •  Installations
   •  Lubricant Analysis
   •  Motor Rewinding
   •  Compressor Repairing
   •  And more