Over the years, D & D has preformed a variety of services for a diverse range of industries and is proud to have collaborated closely with our customers on each and every project.

When we sit down with our customers, we listen to their ideas, plans, and demands, and offer our extensive expertise to consistently deliver quality results. Whether it’s a complete building renovation, new building construction, an energy savings program, or just a typical emergency that needs to be resolved within 24 hours, D & D works diligently to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

D & D is ready, willing, and able to provide services that go above and beyond what our competitors offer. A recent job required us to take a flight to Minnesota for a complete machine inspection. Why? Because our customer asked us to. It’s this kind of dedication to our customers’ needs that has propelled D & D to become one of the fastest growing electrical apparatus and air compressed air companies on Long Island.

Actions speak louder than words. See how D & D has helped Long Island companies thrive and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace: